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July 2017 Gardening Tips - Clematis 'Multi-Blue'

JULY 2017

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    July 2017
    Gardening Checklist*
    What to SHOP for . . .
    Checkbox Annuals - Calibrachoa, Impatiens, Ipomoea batatas, Lobelia, Verbena.
    Checkbox Perennials and Tubers - Fuchsia, Echinacea, Veronica, Begonia, Canna.
    Checkbox Shrubs - Gardenia, Abutilon, Hebe, Buddleja, Callicarpa.
    Checkbox Vines - Annual vines for quick color: Ipomoea (Morning Glory), Mandevilla, Thunbergia.
    Checkbox Veggies - There are still plenty of veggies you can plant now. Pay attention to the amount of days until harvest on the label to make sure your plant will have time to mature in your area.
    Checkbox Seeds - Sunflowers
    Tasks to do . . .
    Checkbox Prune - Penstemon: prune off spent flowers down to first set of leaves below the flower. To encourage more flowers, remove old flowers (and their stems-deadheading) from plants, such as Zinnia, Fuchsia, Gaillardia, Dahlia, Gazania, and Begonia. Shear Dianthus (carnations). Watch The Gardening Tutor Video Shearing Plants to Encourage Flowers or Foliage. Thin the fruit from your peaches, nectarines, apples and pears. Thinning helps your fruit trees to have a good crop every year and creates large, healthy fruit. Thinning also keeps your tree branches from breaking but in some cases, you may still need to brace under the branches.
    Checkbox Keep your new plants happy while waiting to be planted.
    Checkbox Watering - How do you know you are watering your plants “deeply”? A few hours (or the next morning) after you or your irrigation system water your plants, gently dig a small hole down 3 or 4 inches into the soil and see how moist it is in the rootzone. Ideally, with most plants, they will appreciate the soil in the rootzone being moist (like a rung out sponge) but not soggy.
    Checkbox Containers - On hot days, plants in containers may need water twice a day (depending upon how small the container is) but when you water your container plants slowly, you may not need to water so often. When watering, come back around for a second round of slow watering before you put the hose away. Before a heat wave, water container plants at night to give your plants all night to hydrate.
    Checkbox Pest Management - Some gardeners use “broad spectrum” pesticides without realizing that “broad spectrum” kills all insects (including the beneficials). If you have to use a pesticide be sure you know what pest you are trying to control. Sometimes all you may need to keep a pest population (such as whitefly) down to a manageable level are some yellow sticky traps. Also, keeping your plants happy (with water and a layer of mulch) instead of stressed will generally prevent them from attracting pests in the first place.

    Fruit trees:
    picking up the fallen fruits from under your fruit trees will help manage unwanted pests.
      Fertilize - Many of the repeat blooming plants will appreciate being fertilized on a regular basis during the growing season. Mary uses Maxsea fertilizer products. Hanging fuchsias and begonias love to be set in a tub of liquid fertilizer so that they can soak up the nutrients like their roots are straws! Mary fertilizes her hanging bloomers with a weak solution once a week. Avoid fertilizing dry soil though or you could burn your plants.
      Weeding - Bermuda grass blooms are one of the highest pollen producing plants in our Sonoma County area. Weed now! Bermuda grass spreads above ground, below ground and by seed! Weeds attract pests. Keep your veggie garden free of weeds for healthier veggies.
    Free printable . . .
      Looking for a way to stay organized in your garden?
    Download this Free Printable Gardening Checklist* and you’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll feel!
    Let us know how you’re doing. You can do it!
    Remember, this printable was created as a short list of tasks with minimal information. If you would like more in-depth information,
    you can always refer back to the checklist above each month for more details.

    The Gardening Tutor February 2017 Printable

    *Colors may vary depending upon your computer screen and printer.

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