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August 2017 Gardening Tips - Clematis 'Multi-Blue'
Leaf Cutter Bee on Gaillardia


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    August 2017
    Gardening Checklist*
    What to SHOP for . . .
    Checkbox Dahlias - The great thing about Dahlias is that at this time of year you may find big plants on sale. Dahlias have a good chance of coming back each year when planted in well draining soil.
    Checkbox Frost Hardy Perennials - Many plants will be on sale at this time of year. You’ll get the most for your money when you buy frost hardy perennials, such as Veronica ‘Georgia Blue’, Nepeta, Fuchsias, Erigeron, and some varieties of Salvia.
    Checkbox Bulbs - Fall planted, spring bloomers. If you are looking for specialty Alliums and Daffodils check out Brent and Becky's bulbs online. When shopping locally, look for heavy bulbs for their size that are blemish free. Keep bulbs in a cool/dry place until it's time to plant in your area.
    Tasks to do . . .
    Checkbox Prune - Get ready for a great fall show in your garden by pruning back many of your perennials now. You can even prune most roses back quite a bit so you have blooms for Thanksgiving. Watch The Gardening Tutor video: Shearing Plants to encourage flower or foliage. Shrubs, such as Citrus can still be shaped until the end of August. This gives the plant time in Zone 9 to harden off any new growth that pruning stimulates before the frost season begins at the end of October. Continue to deadhead annuals, such as cosmos, marigolds, and zinnias to keep them blooming. Continue to remove spent flowers from fuchsias.
    Checkbox Pest Management - By now many plants (shrubs especially) may be quite dusty from summer. You may notice lots of tiny webbing inside the foliage. This is evidence of spider mites. Spider mites like hot, dry, and dusty environments. In the morning, rinse the whole shrub off with a strong spray of water from the hose. Make sure to blast under the leaves too. You may need to repeat this every few days before you see the mite population decline. Continue to bait for or hand-pick snails, slugs and earwigs.
    Checkbox Fertilize - Give perennials and summer bloomers one or two more fertilizations before next month. Mary uses Maxsea products.
    Checkbox Mosquitoes - Continue to dump out standing water from the yard and garden. Mosquitoes breed wherever they find standing water. Mosquito bites can transmit diseases to horses, cats, dogs, and people.
    Checkbox Bearded Iris - If your Iris plants did not bloom as well this year as in the past you may need to divide the tubers to encourage better flowering next year.
    Free printable . . .
      Looking for a way to stay organized in your garden?
    Download this Free Printable Gardening Checklist* and you’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll feel!
    Let us know how you’re doing. You can do it!
    Remember, this printable was created as a short list of tasks with minimal information. If you would like more in-depth information,
    you can always refer back to the checklist above each month for more details.

    The Gardening Tutor August 2017 Printable

    *Colors may vary depending upon your computer screen and printer.

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