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April 2017 Gardening Tips - Weigela ’Variegata’
Weigela ‘Variegata’

APRIL 2017

The Beautiful Carpet of Garden Design


    April 2017
    Gardening Checklist*
    What to SHOP for . . .
    Checkbox Vines - Clematis Hybrids, Seeds for Ipomoea alba (Evening Blooming -White Morning Glory), Jasminum polyanthus, Wisteria.
    Checkbox Shrubs - Ribes sanguineum, Weigela florida ‘Variegata Nana’, Teucrium chamaedrys, Loropetalum.
    Checkbox Annuals - Plant now - Cerinthe major (reseeds) and Ornamental poppies. After danger of frost has passed - Lobelia, Marigolds, Ipomoea batatas (spiller), Petunias, Pansies (for a few months of color until weather turns too hot).
    Checkbox Veggies - Buy tomatoes plants mid month while selection is abundant. If you have a garden that gets lots of frost, keep your tomato plants inside on cold nights and plant in ground after frost season ends. Parsley, Cilantro, Lettuce.
    Tasks to do . . .

    Prune - Erigeron, Teuchrium chamaedrys, Salvias, Penstemon, Pinch tip leaves from fuchsias to encourage bushy growth.

    Checkbox Rhododendrons - After flowers fade from your Rhodies, remove the spent flowers to encourage new foliage growth and discourage seeds from forming.
    Checkbox Pest Management - Continue to protect your plants from snails, slugs, cutworms, earwigs and sowbugs. Newly planted plants are especially susceptible to being damaged or completely eaten by these pests. Handpick or bait but do something to save your plants. Being consistent really pays off!
    Checkbox Weeds - Pull weeds before they go to seed for best management.
    Checkbox Before you buy your plants - Prepare an area of your garden for planting - pull the weeds and add some compost to the soil. Sometimes, when the sun entices people to get out into their gardens after a long winter they try to do it all in one weekend (weeding, tilling, composting). Many times gardeners wear themselves out and stop just short of actually planting their new plants. Preparing the soil one day and then buying and planting another day will convince you how great it feels to divide your tasks into separate days.
    Checkbox Fertilizers - Mary uses Maxsea fertilizers for many of the plants in the Demo Garden especially repeat blooming plants like Roses, most annual bloomers and Hybrid Clematis'. There are three types of Maxsea: All purpose; Bloom; Acid. In general, use All purpose at the beginning of the season and once a month throughout the bloom season for heavy feeders; use Bloom when the plant has plenty of green growth but needs some food for better blooming; use Acid for plants that thrive in a more acidic ph, like Daphne, Hydrangea, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Gardenias etc. Know your own time limits, if you are not the type of gardener who is going to mix powder with water to feed your plants, you might want to use a time release fertilizer, such as Osmocote. There is more to know about using fertilizers - contact Mary for a consultation in the Santa Rosa CA area.
    Checkbox Cool-Season Annuals - We are coming to the end of the season for cold weather annuals, like pansies, Iceland poppies, and calendula. Now is the time to start planting 'warm season' annual plants, such as lobelia, cosmos, morning glories (seeds), marigolds, and salpiglossis sinuate. If you are looking for quick color, you can still plant pansies. Pansies will thrive until the summer weather gets too hot for them. If you want to have pansies throughout summer, place them where they are in dappled shade during the heat of the day and keep them groomed.
    Free printable . . .
      Looking for a way to stay organized in your garden?
    Download this Free Printable Gardening Checklist* and you’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll feel!
    Let us know how you’re doing. You can do it!
    Remember, this printable was created as a short list of tasks with minimal information. If you would like more in-depth information,
    you can always refer back to the checklist above each month for more details.

    The Gardening Tutor April 2017 Printable

    *Colors may vary depending upon your computer screen and printer.

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