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March 2018 Gardening Tips - Clematis 'Multi-Blue'
Container Gardening

MARCH 2018


    Two FREE Talks This Month. You can hear The Gardening Tutor at the Share the Blooms Celebration at King's Nursery on Saturday, March 10th. This short talk will be an overview of Rose Planting and Care.

    Also in March, Join The Santa Rosa Garden Club in hosting The Gardening Tutor for an hour long talk about Gardening in Containers on Monday, March 26th. Both talks will include a short Question and Answer period.

    March 2018
    Gardening Checklist*
    What to SHOP for . . .
    Checkbox Trees - Tulip magnolia, Star Magnolia, Flowering Cherry and Plum, Hawthorns.
    Checkbox Shrubs and Perennials -Teucrium chamaedrys, Euonymus, Nandina, Ribes, Euphorbia, Aquilegia (Columbine)
    Checkbox Bulbs and Tubers - Tuberous Begonia and other summer blooming bulbs. Freesia can be planted in fall and spring. Dahlias and gladiolus.
    Checkbox Supplies - Bait for slugs, snails, earwigs, cutworms and sowbugs.
    Tasks to do . . .
    Checkbox Weeding - Tops the list of things to do in the garden right now. If it feels too overwhelming, try weeding a few minutes at a time instead of tackling all the areas at one time. Mary is right there with you, weeding a few hours after work each day.
    Checkbox Pest Management - Now is the time to set out Yellow Jacket traps. The goal is to catch the queen and she's only out for a few weeks. Yellow Jackets do eat some garden pests, so if you don't entertain outside much and don't mind a few yellow jackets flying around, there may be no need for you to put traps out.
    Checkbox No Tomatoes Yet - Although the sunshine is making many of you think of buying and planting tomato plants, you may want to wait. If you buy tomatoes now you may have many weeks of worrying about them and protecting them from frost and cold weather. Our frost dates in Sonoma County run from the end of October through mid to late April. If you must begin your tomato journey right now you can start seeds in a greenhouse setting. Mary's strategy is to purchase healthy, 4 inch tomato plants in April while the selection is good and keep them inside at night to protect them from frost; then plant tomatoes in the ground at the beginning of May (or when overnight temps have warmed up).
    Checkbox Fertilize - Rhododendrons, Roses, Cool Season Annuals-Iceland Poppies, Pansies, Primrose.
    Checkbox Compost - When you have your compost delivered (if you are not planning to spread it right away), cover it with a tarp to prevent weed seeds from blowing in and landing on it. You may also want to put a tarp down first so clean up is easy once the pile has been spread (this also protects your concrete if you had the delivery dumped on it).
    Free printable . . .
      Looking for a way to stay organized in your garden?
    Download this Free Printable Gardening Checklist* and you’ll be amazed how inspired you’ll feel!
    Let us know how you’re doing. You can do it!
    Remember, this printable was created as a short list of tasks with minimal information. If you would like more in-depth information,
    you can always refer back to the checklist above each month for more details.

    The Gardening Tutor March 2018 Printable

    *Colors may vary depending upon your computer screen and printer.

*For More Detailed Gardening Tips
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