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Perhaps you would like to have a garden that attracts butterflies or a garden where you can wind down after work. Maybe you have a garden already and need to learn how to care for it. The Gardening Tutor is a hands-on teacher who works beside while you learn about horticulture practices. Learn the tips and tricks of garden design, plant care, soil health, weed identification and suppression, pest identification and control and much more while you create your dream garden.

If you have ever wished you had someone with you to answer all your questions when you are shopping for plants, The Gardening Tutor is your answer. You are not alone if you feel disappointed in your garden once you plant your nursery finds. In Sonoma County we are fortunate to have many small nurseries from which to select unique and beautiful plants. Always on the look-out for the next great nursery, The Gardening Tutor will show you where these nurseries are located and help you find just the right plants for your garden.

You may not have an in-ground garden but you do have space for containers. Let The Gardening Tutor help you to create beautiful container gardens that look good throughout the season. Learn all the little tips and tricks to make your container plants thrive!

When you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you spruce up your garden The Gardening Tutor can help. Working alongside The Gardening Tutor will cut your work by more than half and you will be learning every step of the way. Once you have met with the Gardening Tutor you will feel inspired and motivated to get out in your garden right away and you will know what to do.

When you want to design your own garden The Gardening Tutor can help. Instead of the designer choosing all your plants for you The Gardening Tutor goes with you to the nurseries and helps you to choose your own plants that make you happy. The Gardening Tutor teaches you what to look for in healthy plants, how to read plant descriptions (in order to avoid those pretty little invasive species that will be a pain in your side forever), decide how many of one type of plant to buy and much more. You will learn about unity, form, scale, rhythm and structure in garden design and your confidence will soar as you build upon the last lesson.

You want to learn about fertilizing, mulching, pruning, pest management and all the other maintenance tasks in the garden. Learn what to do to keep your garden looking good all year long. Also, learn which plants to choose and the best time to plant them for the best visual impact.

The Gardening Tutor can evaluate your property and work with you to create a yard that adds that extra enticement to the potential buyer. If you simply want a written plan of action The Gardening Tutor can do that for you too. For the client who is selling their home, The Gardening Tutor always keeps in mind what you can do for the most impact with the least out of pocket expense.

Have you ever gone away on vacation thinking that your garden irrigation system is working just great only to come home and find out that some plants received no water or that the irrigation system had problems and water was everywhere? The Gardening Tutor will care for your garden while you are away with the same passion she cares for her own garden. Together you will decide what your priorities are while you are away or just let The Gardening Tutor do what she knows best to keep your garden in tip top shape in your absence.

You want a professional with a passion for plants to come to your garden on a regular basis to maintain and keep all your plants happy. Gardener is not for you if you’re looking for general yard maintenance such as mowing, although Mary will compliment your general monthly maintenance service if you have one. One of Mary’s specialties is custom pruning and shaping. Gardener is for you when you have a garden in place but don’t have the time to care for it yourself.

The Gardening Tutor can show you how to upkeep your irrigation system, find and fix broken or split lines, add or subtract drip lines and plan your watering zones. Call The Gardening Tutor for a consult before installing your own irrigation system or redoing the system you already have.

What a perfect gift for the beginner gardener in your life or for a friend who laments to you about their inability to create a garden that thrives. The Gardening Tutor has gift certificates that will surely be a welcomed surprise. Purchase your gift certificiates in The Garden Shoppe or directly from Mary.

Are you always searching for beautiful note cards that are blank inside so you can write your own greetings? Me too. These can be so hard to find! So, I've decided to create my own note card collections for The Gardening Tutor. All the photos are taken by me and mostly from The Demo Garden here in beautiful Sonoma County, Santa Rosa, California!

Check back often to see what new collections or individual cards and products have been added.

You can view these notecards in The Garden Shoppe.

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