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  • You want a few new plants in the yard. You would like to take a trip to the nursery but what will you buy? Will it survive in your yard? The Gardening Tutor can help you decide which plants will thrive best in your yard. She will take you shopping at a favorite nursery and help guide you through your new purchases. You'll be happy and so will your plants.
  • It's time to sell your current home and you need help making a good first impression for potential buyers by sprucing up the landscape.
  • Time is of the essence with your newfound desire for gardening. Save the reading and workshops for later, get started right away by calling The Gardening Tutor.
  • Work has been your priority in the past, you are now looking at your yard thinking where do I start?
  • You just purchased a home with a well established garden. In order to maintain its beauty, you want to know not only what needs to be done but how and when to do it.
  • In order to get started in your garden you need help with plant identification.
  • Your landscape has been professionally installed; you love your new garden and really want to do the maintenance yourself.

The Gardening Tutor is a friendly and approachable teacher who comes to you! What The Gardening Tutor may not know, she will quickly find the answer to at no extra cost to you. After your very first visit with The Gardening Tutor you will not only be motivated to get out into your garden, you will also have a plan of action!

With over 19 years of gardening experience and a degree in horticulture management, Mary remembers very well what it felt like to be overwhelmed with the challenges of a garden. When do I prune, when do I fertilize, why is this plant unhappy? Mary can answer these questions with ease and confidence, helping you to feel like a seasoned gardener.

The Gardening Tutor
Hands-on, Individualized Gardening Instruction
And Consulting
in Sonoma County
Santa Rosa, California

Hands-On Individualized Gardening Instruction and Consulting in Sonoma County